Tower of London on the Thames - kind of cool, the very old juxtaposed with the new

In keeping with my "windows" theme

Traitors' Gate - Anne Boleyn walked up these steps!


Nicholes Speegle
07/30/2013 5:00pm

We are going to get on a train because we are going to get on a train and go see her! Dinosaurs! Animals and dinosaurs! I will be right back! (the author has left the building)

Tell her about animals! Animals, animals.

Tell her about dinosaur skeletons.

We went on the jeep and we went in a boat. We saw the statue of liberty. (the author confirmed this vital information with his most reliable fact checker before reporting back to the humble scribe who only sat her for ten minutes waiting, like my life revolves around that little monster!)

Tell her about animals! Animals (is now being sung by the author over and over and over)

Daddy i want to tell her about daddy. (the mindless babbling is beginning to make sense. I must go)


07/31/2013 1:44am

Hi Nick! You guys saw the statue of liberty AND some dinosaurs? Man am I missing out! :) You guys are still MY favorite animals, you know! I love you, boo!


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