Traveling back to Edinburgh today.  Thought I’d do a little post for the kids.  There are two animals here in North Berwick that I’ve never heard of – the stoat and the fulmar.  Hayden and Nick love learning about new animals, so I thought they’d get a kick out of this one.

The stoat looks a little like our weasel, but stoats are larger and a completely different species.  I never did see one, but click here to see pictures and learn more about them!

The fulmar is a sea bird related to the albatross.  They dive headlong into the ocean to catch fish, and squirt a stinky oily spray from their stomachs to ward off prey!  I watched them diving into the ocean for fish when I visited the Tantallon Castle.

Way out across the sea off the bluffs of Tantallon there's a huge rock called Bass Rock, considered one of the twelve wildlife wonders of the world.  It’s constantly covered in a white cap that looks like snow, but in fact is a huge colony of gannets, another sea bird!  Their faces are very beautiful – like they’ve been lovingly painted on by a Master artist.

Bass Rock was used by King James I as a prison, and by St. Baldred the monk as a retreat for prayer.  He built a chapel there in 1491 that can still be seen!

I also saw lots of sheep and horses all over North Berwick, and managed to catch a picture of a beautiful butterfly I’ve never seen before.

Enjoy, kids!  I miss you!

A horse outside Tantallon Castle

Horses outside the castle

    A beautiful butterfly outside my hotel

Bass Rock.  See all that white stuff?  That's a colony of gannets!  And look closer - there's a lighthouse.

A flower I've never seen before

Bass Rock


Hayden Speegle
08/26/2013 9:47am

Dear Aunt Vicki,
Can you go on a trip to the zoo in England? What kind of animals do you think you might see? Will you see a Zebra, will you see a cheetah, what animal do you think you might see?

Who have you met? Did you make any new friends?

Love Hayden!

Nicky is grumpy and won't come respond...


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