Why is it so hard to live in the "right now"?  Always rushing forward to the next thing.  We're always searching for that perfect experience, but seem to be incapable of actually appreciating it if it ever came.  And I have to say - the street signs in Paris certainly encourage this impatience.  I saw so many letting me know what streets were just ahead, but rarely any that would tell me what street I was actually on!  It was like being teased with all the places I might go, but never being allowed to appreciate where I was.  :)

All this is to say that it took us awhile to find Notre Dame Cathedral, and by the time we got there the queue to go inside to the top was closed.  So we hurried off to try to see the Catacombs and when we got there, they were closed as well.  This got me into a rush-rush state of mind and I found myself fretting about what to see next, what to squeeze in before my time here is gone.  Then, thank God, I realized what I was doing and decided to just have a nice leisurely walk to the Seine.

So the photos for this post are about the Seine - Rue du Seine and the Seine itself.  We walked over the Pont des Arts, which has a beautiful view of the river and the Louvre.  Lovers go there to place a padlock with their names along the rail of the bridge.  Supposed to be romantic.  The view surely is.  And that's where I took the center photo of the Seine.  In the first photo is my travel buddy Callie.  She's heading off to Puglia, Italy to pursue chefdom after this.

So we spent a lovely hour or so just sitting by the water instead of rushing around trying to see it all.

Stop.  Be still.  Enjoy.

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