I think I walked about 7 miles today.  My heart is happy, but my feet are barking like rabid dogs.  :)  Choosing just 3 photos for this post was really, really hard.  So many beautiful sculptures and architecture in the British Museum.  Totally free to go in and enjoy all that wonder.  And I have to say, for me it's the most beautifully-designed museum I've ever been in.  One of my faves was the Nereid Monument, which didn't make the top 3 only because I thought showing you the horse would give you a better idea of how detailed and breath-taking the sculptures were.  And when I turned the corner and saw that horse, I did let out a little gasp.  But the Nereid was fascinating because it was built by the Lycian people in Turkey, and no one even knew these people existed until the monument was discovered.  So I'll cheat a little and give you a link to view it.  The Nereids were daughters of the sea-deities Nereus and Doris.  Breath-taking sculpture!

After the museum, my travel buddy Callie and I took the tube to Borough Market, a market place that's been in London since the 1700s.  Got a yummy lunch and kept getting teased by signs telling us we were close to the Globe Theater, but it never did appear.  Silly old Globe!  Walked across the London Bridge, then on the tube again to Hyde Park and walked to Buckingham Palace.  I'll be going back there one day to see the Changing of the Guard, so more on that later!

A few thoughts on London so far:

The tube is sooooo CLEAN!  Bright and comfortable.  Totally different experience from NYC subway.  Only one thing in common between them - the crowds.  But lovely and very easy to find your way around.  I will say, though, that in NYC you can ride the subway all day all over the city (provided you actually stay in the subway) for just $2.50, whereas London keeps track of every stop you make via your card and charges you accordingly.  So stingy!  :)

Londoners are very kind and helpful thus far.  I think when you approach people with that expectation, they usually don't let you down.

Tonight on my way "home" I actually gave a Londoner directions!  And knew what I was talking about!  lol...  I felt so proud for a moment until I was brought low again by my failure to find an iced tea anywhere!  What do these folks have against a good old iced tea?

And with that, my friends, I shall say goodnight.  Until tomorrow's adventure, of course.

07/15/2013 6:47am

You're so lucky to be so close to the British Museum! I was in the museum several times before I discovered that it's most valuable, well-known artifact is just right inside the front door, in the little room to the left: The Rosetta Stone! The ROSETTA STONE!!!!! I mean, that stone is almost mythological! (I also love how the British museums are free to the people and funded by the government....I think that shows how much they value culture and learning.) Thank you for sharing your adventure, you lucky, lucky girl!!!!

07/16/2013 2:54am

Oh geez, I completely missed the Rosetta! I'll have to go back. That Nereid Monument was the most impressive to me. How stunning to turn into that room, and there it is.

07/17/2013 7:37pm

Awesome pix & travelogue! I love reading about this adventure & can't wait for my own in London one day!

07/18/2013 3:53pm

Hayden: Dear Aunt V, I hope you have a good time at the museum but, what did you see? Did you see animals? Or, dinosaur skeletons? Aunt Vicki, what did you like about your trip to the museum? Love Hayden!!

Nicholes: Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs! Stegosaurus, T-rex, and carnosuarus, spinosaurus. I want to tell you about animals. I want to go to the museum and pick up Aunty V! I want to tell you about the museum! I dont want to say goodbye, I want to say hello, I want to bring Aunty V home. (the endless ramblings of a three year old as deciphered by dad and filtered through Hayden for accuracy.)


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