On the East Coast train to Edinburgh.  There I’ll connect to North Berwick via Scotrail.

It occurred to me as I put my luggage up and took my seat that it’s important to think of the journey part of your journey as an adventure too.  I tend to treat the “getting there” as just a means to an end.  The train I’m on is wonderful, but I failed to take advantage of it.  I’m traveling from Kings Cross, and when I booked they gave me a choice of forward or back-facing seat, seat at a table, window or aisle, and quiet car.  I didn’t give much thought to any of these options.  Just wanted to get a seat so I could be sure I was on my way.  Now I wish I’d been more choosy.  I was wise enough to select the quiet car, but the seat at a table would have been lovely too.  Lots of room to set out a drink, my laptop, a book.  And the windows are bigger!  My seat has a little tray, but it’s more cramped here, the view out the window more stingy.  But I’m on my way to SCOTLAND!  So I can’t be disappointed.

Last night I spent an hour getting to know my new camera better so I can take some good shots of the highland games.  Finally figured out how to change the ISO setting so I can get moving shots, and discovered a “continuous” setting that allows me to snap several shots within seconds!  This will come in very handy when those Scots in kilts start tossing logs.  :)  My Mom gave me a Pentax K-1000 for Christmas one year, and it’s gone with me on nearly every journey I’ve taken – through Austin Texas, New Orleans, Colorado, Mississippi, Atlanta, Vieques Puerto Rico.  And Mom's gone with me on many of those too.  I always swore I’d never go digital.  That my Pentax would be my only witness.  But it’s hard to keep a travel blog and post photos every day when you have to wait for your film to be developed.  Not to mention expensive.  So I had to face reality and give in to the new technology.  But my Pentax remains the best gift anyone’s ever given me.  The best gift from my best friend.  Wish she was here with me.

We left London in rainy, gray skies, but as we passed into Donington the blue came out and now we’re speeding through meadows speckled with sheep and sun-colored flowers.  It’s becoming more hilly too.  Don’t know at which point we’ll actually be in Scotland – maybe not till Edinburgh itself – but I’m getting more excited now.

My next report, dear friends, shall be from Scotland!  hee hee


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