Just got into North Berwick (pronounced Bear-ick).  Walked about ¾ mile from the train station to my bus stop, and now I’m having a bite before I head to my hotel.  Lunching at The Ship Inn – medley of mushrooms in creamy garlic, white wine, and tarragon sauce on a crouton.  Mmmm…  And I’ve got a chocolate brulee with coconut ice cream coming for dessert.  A little more adventurous today.  :)

Walking through the town of North Berwick I kept stopping every few feet, letting out a gasp and gaping at some new beautiful sight.  This place is so gorgeous, I thought I’d never make it to my lunch.  North Berwick is right on the coast with lots of craggy bluffs and sweeping views of the sea.  Just what I was hoping for.  I even saw a crumbling castle overlooking the water on the way from Newcastle into Edinburgh!

The people here are so warm and friendly.  I got a little lost on my way to the bus stop, and one kind gent asked if I needed help, told me how to find it.

In half an hour I’ll be on the bus into Dunbar, 40 minutes outside North Berwick.  Isn’t it funny – my Grandma & Grandpa Schwenning were from a little town in the mountains of Pennsylvania called Dunbar?

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