The end of a long, happy day.  I took a walk from the hotel into Dunbar town center along the coast.  Discovered that John Muir was from Dunbar!  His birthplace is now a museum.  Didn’t know who he was at first, but I knew I recognized his name.  He was a naturalist, inventor, and writer – a pioneer of nature conservation.  It was due in large part to his efforts that the Yosemite and Grand Canyon National parks were created, and President Theodore Roosevelt worked with him to develop further conservation programs.

Took a lot of pictures in town of these little alleyways they call “closes”.  Really cool, like miniature peeks into people’s lives.  I’m really curious what it’s like to live here.  How different are these people’s lives from mine?  I’m sure a lot is the same.  They all have to get up and go to work, do laundry, shop for groceries.  But what’s different?  Do they take all this beauty around them for granted, after living among it for so long?  I guess we all take the beautiful things for granted after awhile.  God promises us a new earth – not Heaven at all – but a new earth at the end of times.  So maybe this is supposed to be our heaven after all.  And He will bless us with wider eyes to see it, bigger hearts to care for it.


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