I got home last Tuesday, September 10th.  Pulled into port around 5am.  Went out onto the deck of the ship and watched as we sailed under the Verrazano Bridge, past the Statue of Liberty.  The sun hadn’t even come up yet.

My brother picked me up at the train station and as we drove home, I had the strangest feeling – it was like I never left.  A month and a half of exploring and seeing things I’d never seen before, and yet it seemed like just yesterday I was boarding the boat to England.

I spent my last few days in London mostly walking around.  Wandered around the Whitechapel area.  There are two streets there that look very nearly exactly as they did back in the 1800s – Fournier and Princelet.  Felt like stepping back in time.  I learned that fish & chips – that beloved British staple – actually isn’t British at all!  The first fish & chip shop was opened in Mile End by a Jewish immigrant.

Saw the famous 221b Baker Street, but didn’t go in.  And just said goodbye to London.  But there are a few things I didn’t get a chance to write about, so I’ll continue my blog for a bit.

Till then, a few shots of the Queen Mary 2 pulling into Brooklyn Harbor.

Sailing into port - Verrazano Bridge in the background


                Lady Liberty


09/16/2013 5:47am

You're giving us the best of both worlds: It's great having you home AND it's great having more posts to read! I wanna hear more about that ship ride!

09/17/2013 9:58am

Thanks, Zell! It's good to be home. I missed you! Had a wonderful adventure, but now I have to work and save up for my next one. hee hee


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